Aerial Video

Aerial Video

Aerial Video is typically shot from a drone overhead of the location that is required to be filmed.

Aerial Video brings the spectacular and wow factor to modern day film making and can enhance a project or film tenfold by its very inclusion.

In older times Aerial footage was undertaken by way of helicopter or plane, making its inclusion only possible for projects with substantial financial backing. This is no longer the case with the introduction of drone technology.

We ensure compliance with Irish Aviation Authority requirements at all times whilst undertaking Aerial Video services and therefore please note that some restrictions may apply.

Aerial Video can be utilised for quite a large number of potential purposes including photography, video, aerial mapping and surveying to name but a few.

Aerial Video can also be completed in conjunction with land based filming to provide continuity with effective editing and overlapping of the two respective areas to produce highly effective results.

Our Aerial Video service is filmed in 4K resolution using the latest DJI professional drone series.

Ocean Pictures is based in Dublin but provides nationwide Aerial Video services throughout Ireland.

We provide many other film / video production services in addition to Aerial Video so please do keep us in mind for any other services you may require.


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